Deployment of Client Software Remotely

Jetico Central Manager software allows Administrator of an enterprise network to deploy client software on remote computers without visiting every computer and running setup program on the computer.

The Administrator runs the deployment of the client software from the Jetico Central Manager (JCM) Console. All the settings and procedures necessary to run the deployment are available in Deployment tab in the right pane of the program.

JCM supports several software packages on client computers: BCWipe, BestCrypt Container Encryption and BestCrypt Volume Encryption. The Administrator may wish to install only one of these packages, then decide to install another one. It is also possible that number of software supported by JCM will increase. To make the process of adding or removing client software easier, JCM has a single deployment Agent distributed to client computers. Once the Agent is installed on the client computer, it monitors settings the Administrator makes for client software installation. Depending on the JCM settings the client deploys or removes software on the client computer automatically.

To make all the processes of deployment client software and then to get them updated automatically, the Administrator should only distribute/install JCM Agent to all the client computers. There are three ways to do that:

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