Outside/Manual deployment methods

Jetico Central Manager (JCM) simplifies the process of deployment of the client software on remote computers in the following way. There is a number of Jetico software that can be installed on client computers (BestCrypt Container Encryption, BCWipe, BestCrypt Volume Encryption). The JCM Administrator may wish to install or uninstall, or update any of them. To be able to do that from JCM Console program without visiting the computers, the Administrator should install so called JCM Deployment Agent on every client computer.

To install JCM Deployment Agent the Administrator should run its installation program (JCIxxx.EXE) on client computers. Article Push deployment method describes how it can be done if the client computers belongs to Windows Domain Network. This article describes alternative methods to install the JCM Agent.

Manual deployment method

The JCM Administrator can install JCM Deployment Agent on client computer manually. It can be done in the following way:

  1. Click Client software in the Deployment tab. The following dialog window will appear:

    Outside/Manual installation
  2. Choose Manual deployment method and mark checkboxes corresponding to the software you plan to deploy on client computers (BCWipe and/or BestCrypt Container Encryption and/or BestCrypt Volume Encryption).
  3. Click Make Copy to copy the JCIxxx.EXE Agent installation program to the folder where from you are going to run the program.
  4. Click Exit to close the dialog window.
  5. On every client computer, run the JCIxxx.EXE program.

When you run the Agent installation program, you will get message boxes on the client computer informing you about results of deployment client software on the computer. Besides, you will get the same information in the Log window in the Deployment tab in the JCM Console.

Outside deployment method

The JCM Administrator can use a third-party deployment software to automate installation of JCM Deployment Agent on client computers. For such a software you should prepare JCIxxx.EXE JCM Agent installation program almost in the same way as you prepare it for Manual installation method described above.

The only difference is in choosing Outside method on step 2 of creating the JCIxxx.EXE file. JCIxxx.EXE program created with Outside option will behave slightly differently on the client computer: the program will not display any messages on the client computer that would inform about any progress in running the program. Instead, all the messages will be sent to JCM Database and displayed in the Deployment tab in the JCM Console.

The JCM Administrator may add computers to JCM Database prior to running JCIxxx.EXE program on client computers. Then the Administrator should choose Outside/Manual deployment method for the computers. It is a recommended way to organize the deployment, because in this case the Administrator can easily monitor status of the installed software on the remote computers.

It is also possible to run JCI.EXE program from \\JCM_SERVER_NAME\BCInstal shared folder with command-line parameters: -R[server_name], -P[port_number] and -S[name of the client software that should be installed].

JCM_SERVER_NAME - name of the computer where JCM Database is installed
<W> flag - BCWipe client software
<B> flag - BestCrypt Container Encryption client software
<V> flag - BestCrypt Volume Encryption client software

    >JCI.EXE -RJCM_SERVER_NAME -P5001 -SW -      (install BCWipe)
    >JCI.EXE -RJCM_SERVER_NAME -P5001 -SB -      (install BestCrypt Container Encryption)
    >JCI.EXE -RJCM_SERVER_NAME -P5001 -SV -      (install BestCrypt Volume Encryption)
    >JCI.EXE -RJCM_SERVER_NAME -P5001 -SWBV -      (install all software)

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