Pre-Deployment Steps

If computer where Jetico Central Manager Database is installed has Windows Firewall active, configure the Firewall to allow TCP/IP port used by Jetico Central Manager (JCM) for client/server communication. (Default port number is 5001. Administrator sets the port when runs Jetico Central Manager Wizard to initialize Jetico Central Manager Database. You may also get information about the port number by running command Select Server Computer from Database menu.)

Configuration settings for Push deployment method

Push deployment method is available in JCM for computers that are members of Windows Domain network. With this method the JCM Console Administrator marks client computers that should get Jetico client software installed in JCM Console Deployment tab. Then JCM sends all necessary instructions to Domain Controller to install Jetico software on remote client computers.

To utilize the Push deployment method computer where JCM Console runs must have Microsoft Remote System Administration Tools (RSAT) package installed. Read more about RSAT in Microsoft Remote System Administration Tools (RSAT) installation article.

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