Deployment Error Codes

When Jetico Central Manager encounters a problem during client software deployment, the error number is reported in Error code column in Deployment tab in Jetico Central Manager (JCM) Console. Column Action describes operation that caused the error and may also contain short description of the problem.

There are three groups of errors that may be reported during client software deployment:

The following sections describe the errors in more detail.

I. Errors reported in JCM Console for Push deployment method

Error 1

JCM Console program could not locate Windows Domain Controller computer in a local network. Please check that Domain Contoller computer is running and accessible from the JCM Console computer.

Error 2

Computer with JCM Console running appears as not belonging to Windows Domain.

Error 3

User logged on the computer is Local User, but should be Domain User.

Error 4

User logged on the computer with JCM Console has no rights of Domain Administrator.

Error 5

Computer where JCM Console runs must have Remote System Administration Tools (RSAT) package installed. Read more about RSAT in Microsoft Remote System Administration Tools (RSAT) installation article.

Error 6

JCM Console could not define Netbios name of Domain Controller computer. Please check that Domain Controller Server can be accessed with its Netbios name from the computer where JCM Console is running.

Error 7

Request from JCM Console to create new group of computers called JCM Group [server_name] failed. JCM Console should create the group automatically inside a standard Computers group in Domain. If it does not happen, try to find some entry in Windows Event log that may relate the error. You may also send the text and error codes to Jetico Technical Support ( for further assistance in solving the problem.

Error 8

JCM Console could not define define Fully Qualified Name for the client computer where Push deployment should occur.

Error 9

JCM Console could not add the client computer to JCM Group of computers. Please check that the group exists inside a standard Computers group on Domain Controller.

Error 10

JCM Console could not create Group Policy Object for JCM Group of computers.

Windows Event Viewer may report errors related to the JCM Console attempt to create JCM Group of computers or define Fully Qualified Name for the computer. If it does not help, please note that JCM Console log window contains short description of the errors, for example:
"Could not define Fully Qualified Name for the computer (error code 7, 200)".
You may send the text and error codes to Jetico Technical Support ( for further assistance in solving the problem.

II. Configuration of Push installation completed successfully in JCM Console, but installation of JCM client software does not start.

  1. If files C:\Windows\jci.log or C:\Windows\smip.log exist, information inside them may help to define source of the problem.
  2. Check errors reported in Windows Event Viewer. Pay special attention to Events with GroupPolicy source. For example, error may look like:
    The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows attempted to read the file \\jetico\SysVol\jetico\Policies\{EA385BE5-1A41-4A10-9808-DFC37053E2DA}\gpt.ini from a domain controller and was not successful. Group Policy settings may not be applied until this event is resolved.
    After solving the problem reported in the Event Viewer please restart the client computer and check that JCM client software installation starts.
  3. NOTE: After updating Group Policy on the Domain Controller, it is not updated on the client machines at once. By default, the timeout is 90 minutes. For testing purposes, if administrator wants to be sure that it works properly, it is possible to force the Group Policy updating for one particular test client. To do so, run Command Prompt on the client 'as administrator' and run the command gpupdate /force. See Windows Event Viewer. When the Group Policy has been updated, reboot the client and installation should start (even before logon).

  4. You may send files C:\Windows\jci.log or C:\Windows\smip.log to Jetico Technical Support ( for further assistance in solving the problem.

III. Errors reported on a client computer when Manual or Outside deployment method runs

When Administrator chooses Manual or Outside deployment method, JCM Console creates installation program like jci@serw7@05001@m@swbv.exe. Administrator should run the program on client computers manually or use a third-party utility to distribute and run the program on the computers.

The jci@xxx.exe program generates log files C:\Windows\jci.log and C:\Windows\smip.log on the client machine. You may inspect contents of the files, perhaps text description of encountered errors will help to solve the problem. If you are not sure, please send the files to Jetico Technical Support ( for assistance in solving the problem.

The same log files are also available from JCM Console. To see the files, Administrator should run Client Log File command from right-click menu of the selected client computer.

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