BCWipe Enterprise Task Manager. Task Sets.

BCWipe Enterprise software includes Jetico Central Manager and BCWipe client software. Jetico Central Manager utility allows administrator to manage BCWipe software on client computers from a central management console. The idea of management is in the following.

BCWipe Task Manager allows creating six types of wiping tasks:

Main window of BCWipe Task Manager on central management console looks like the following picture:

 Image text

The picture above shows a Task Set named TaskW7. The first task Wipe free space will be run once on client computers at the predefined time. The second task Wipe local history is scheduled to be run dayly. The third task Wipe Internet histroy is assigned to be performed at user logon.

Let's assume that this Task Set was assigned to a client computer and all the tasks were completed after some time. This picture illustrates how the BCWipe Task Manager will look on the client computer:

 Image text

BCWipe Task Manager on administrative console differs from BCWipe Task Manager on client computers:

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