Transparent Wiping task.

BCWipe Enterprise allows remote activation of Transparent Wiping on client computers. When Transparent Wiping is activated, BCWipe will automatically wipe all contents of any file or folder that is deleted by system or by an application.

BCWipe Task Manager is used to activate Transparent Wiping by creating and assigning the Transparent Wiping task. To create the new task run the Create new task command from the Tasks   menu in the BCWipe Task Manager program.

The following picture illustrates dialog window, appeared when you run the command and select the Transparent Wiping type of task.

To pause Transparent Wiping activity on client computers - mark the checkbox Pause processing. If system performs huge file operations, that do not concern sensitive files (like Windows Update or antivirus scan) - you may pause Transparent Wiping to speed up the process. All the files in the TW buffer will be promptly deleted without wiping. Then you can resume TW again.

To hide Transparent Wiping icon in system tray area - unmark the checkbox Show systray icon. See Transparent Wiping icon in the system tray for more details

The bottom part of the page is intended for configuration of Include and Exclude lists. See Include and Exclude lists for more details.

Wiping scheme for Transparent wiping process can be set on Wipe options property page. It is recommended to use one random pass scheme for this type of tasks.

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