Central Management of Client Software

The primary purpose of Jetico Central Manager is to provide the administrator of an enterprise network with a program to control client software on remote workstations. Jetico Central Manager controls the following client software:

Jetico Central Manager provides logging of the events happened on remote computers and logging of every action performed by Administrator in the Jetico Central Manager Console. Log information can be viewed at the right pane of the Jetico Central Manager Console at the corresponding client software tab. For example, to monitor BCWipe Log it is necessary to open BCWipe tab.

Choose Show for all items option from the combo-box to display the events for all computers. To view the Log for specific computers select the needed computers in the left pane, then choose Show for selected items option from the combo-box at the right side. To hide the Log field press Do not show. It is possible to view the log events starting from the specific date - tick the box Since date and choose the date.

The following columns can be displayed in the Log field: Date, Time, Computer, Action and others. To hide/show columns right-click on the column name and mark the desired columns.

The maximum size of the Log File can be set in the Reports and Logs menu of Jetico Central Manager Console - Log File Settings command.

The picture in the article Central Management of BestCrypt Container Encryption shows how the Log looks like.

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