Removable Disks Protection

Jetico Central Manager (JCM) allows Administrator to control and manage encryption policies for removable devices (e.g. USB sticks, USB external drives, SD memory cards) being used on client computers. JCM Encryption Policy for Removable Devices can be set for a group of computers or for individual computer. Once the policy is set, it will be applied for any removable device inserted in the client computer or group of computers.

Setting Protection Policy for Removable Disks

To set new encryption policy for removable devices or change a previously applied one, the JCM Administrator should click Removable Disks Policy hyperlink in the BestCrypt Volume Encryption tab of JCM Console. The following window will appear:

Removable Disks Policy

The Encryption policy for removable disks dialog consists of the following controls:

Recovering Encrypted Removable Disk

In case of damaging encrypted removable disk or if the user has forgotten the password, it is necessary to decrypt the disk. To recover the disk click Recover Removable Disk in BestCrypt Volume Encryption tab in the JCM Console. The following dialog window will appear:

Recover Removable Disks

Choose one of the following options to recover the disk:

Generate administrator password for the disk option if the user has forgotten password

Rescue file option if filesystem on the disk is corrupted, or error occurs when the client mounts the disk

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