Rescue procedures on client computers

The Jetico Central Manager (JCM ) Database stores information about disk volumes (partitions) encrypted on remote client computers with BestCrypt Volume Encryption (or BCVE) software. In case of emergency recovery decryption of disk volume may be required (for example, the user has forgotten password or disk on the computer appears as damaged). In this case Jetico Central Manager (JCM) Administrator can create rescue file and decrypt the volume. There are several options for creating the rescue file depending on the case:

To create rescue file or bootable disk, in the left pane of the Jetico Central Manager Console select computer where encrypted disk volume should be recovered. Select BestCrypt Volume Encryption tab and click Rescue File. The following dialog window will appear:

BestCrypt Volume Encryption rescue file

In the dialog window select type of rescue bootable disk or rescue file according to the type of disk volume to be recovered. If the user remembers password for the disk volume, select option Password the user has chosen for disk volumes. Otherwise select option New password set by Supervisor or Administrator. In case of using the second option it will be required to enter the new password.

After creating rescue file or rescue bootable disk administrator should use it on the computer where encrypted disk volume has to be recovered.

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