Central Management of BestCrypt Container Encryption

Jetico Central Manager gathers information about using BestCrypt Container Encryption software on client computers. Administrator of Jetico Central Manager becomes informed when some problems arise on the computers with the software. Besides, using BestCrypt Container Encryption becomes safer with Jetico Central Manager support because administrator can provide the user with access to the data inside encrypted containers in emergency cases.

After deployment of BestCrypt Container Encryption software on client computers the Jetico Central Manager Database receives the following information from the programs running on the remote computers:

The following picture illustrates the Jetico Central Manager Console when BestCrypt Container Encryption tab is selected:

BestCrypt tab

In BestCrypt Container Encryption tab select radio button Show containers of selected computer/group if you want Jetico Central Manager to list only container files created on computer selected in the left pane of the program. If you select Show all containers option, Jetico Central Manager will show you a list of all container files registered in the Jetico Central Manager Database.

There are also several buttons in the BestCrypt Container Encryption tab:

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