New Features in BestCrypt Version 9

BestCrypt version 9 goes above and beyond in delivering to users sophisticated yet steady encryption. Having evolved in its security capabilities, BestCrypt now delivers excellent functionality brought to customers in an intuitive and helpful interface.

The following sections describe the enhancements in more details:

  1. Containers larger than 2 TB

  2. BestCrypt v.9 overcomes the size limit of 2 TB that existed in previous versions. Container files now have a theoretical size limit equal to a size limit of the NTFS file system. While in practice the size of a regular container file is limited to the amount of free space available on the target drive, the size of a dynamic container is limited by the size of the target drive itself.

  3. Instant container creation

  4. Randomizing disk space in the background is a compromise solution for both high-level security measures and quick container creation. Containers created with this option enabled are available for use right away. The process of randomizing disk space, essential for a perfect security , is launched in the background, transparent to the user. The information on the progress is available in the BestCrypt Control Panel.

  5. Dynamic containers

  6. Dynamic containers are size-efficient encrypted storages that allow users to manage disk space wisely. Unlike regular containers, where disk space is allocated straight away, dynamic containers only occupy a small amount of space at creation which grows as files are added.

  7. Smart free space monitoring

  8. Smart Free Space Monitoring is a Jetico innovation technology designed to screen actual and virtual free space available on the machine to make using dynamic containers easy and safe. While dynamic containers were considered to be an option for experienced users, Jetico overcomes this limit with Smart Free Space monitoring Technology. It indicates the actual amount of disk space available, warning on low disk space occasions, and preventing from system crashes and data loss.

  9. Speedup

  10. Major driver optimization has resulted in a significant speedup of encryption and decryption performance. BestCrypt v.9 is about 30% faster than its predecessor making encryption nearly transparent on Hard Disk Drives and notably reducing the influence on Solid State Drive performance.

  11. Hardware acceleration

  12. BestCrypt v.9 uses hardware implementation of the AES encryption algorithm on the machines with a special set of AES-NI commands supported. As a result, the speed of AES encryption module increases up to 5 times­ --accelerating all the operations on the encrypted drive significantly.

  13. New hashes

  14. The most modern and secure hash algorithms such as Whirlpool, Skein, SHA-2 and SHA-3 are now implemented, each with a 512 bit long digest.

  15. Key Stretching

  16. The parameters of Key Stretching techniques such as Iteration Count and Salt intended to strengthen passwords against brute-force and time-memory tradeoff attacks are now brought to user level and may be adjusted for user needs. Additionally, a specially designed engine indicates how long it would be required for one attempt to guess a password given the parameters selected, helping the user to interpret the values.

  17. Keyfiles

  18. Keyfiles allow users to set another level of authentication for their containers, in addition to standard password protection. Keyfiles implement so called Two-factor authentication, that increases resistance against brute force attacks.

  19. GUI improvements

  20. Refreshed and reworked interface of BestCrypt Control Panel designed to fit both advanced and novice users. Simplified dialogs allow inexperienced users to protect their sensitive data on the highest level with default options pre-set by Jetico. While Advanced Settings sections and last-picked selection memory would allow profs to adjust a wide range of selections to their needs and even set those to be used as default.

  21. Windows 10 compatibility

  22. BestCrypt v.9 is fully compatible with the latest version of Windows 10.

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