Enter Password Dialog

Enter password dialog appears on clicking Create at New Container dialog. This dialog prompts user for password to protect the container file with.

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A password should be 8 - 256 characters long. It is recommended that password has both lowercase and uppercase symbols as well as digits and html symbols. More tips on how to create a strong password are listed in the Strong password guidelines article.

NOTE: Knowing the password is an only option to access the data stored inside BestCrypt container.
It is recommended to have a copy or reminder in a safe place in case the original password is lost or forgotten.

After the password was entered and confirmed successfully, clicking OK would result in creating a container with default password-based encryption settings, recommended by Jetico.

To change default settings or switch between encryption schemes, user has to click the Show Advanced Settings link. The window will expand as follows:

 Enter Password dialog advanced view

If you want to add a number of Keyfiles to your password, click Key Files. In the appeared window, click Add Files and/or Add Folder:

 Enter Password dialog advanced view
BestCrypt will add selected keyfiles to the password and will show the number of keyfiles on the button, as Key Files (3):

 Enter Password dialog advanced view

Apart from Password-Based Encryption (which is default), BestCrypt also features Public Key Encryption (PKE) as well as encryption with the use of Secret Shared Scheme (SSS). To switch between the encryption schemes suggested, user should use the Encryption Scheme drop-down menu located on the top of the Enter Password dialog (Advanced View).

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