Computers in Jetico Central Manager Database

Adminstrator of Jetico Central Manager handles client software deployed on remote computers in a company network. Before starting to manage the computers the administrator should get them listed in Jetico Central Manager Database. The article explains how to add the computers to the database, remove them from the database and how groups of computers can be created. All the operations with computers can be done via Jetico Central Manager Console.

Groups of computers

Administrator can group computers in the Jetico Central Manager Database according to any scheme that would be convenient for further management. For example, computers can be grouped by their locations according to room numbers, or according to the departments inside the company. The picture below shows example of computers' groups.

Groups of Computers

To create new empty group of computers, run command New Computer Group from Group menu. Alternatively it may be done from the context menu: right-click with your mouse anywhere on the Computers tab field and run New Computer Group command. New group with default name will be created and name of the group can be changed at that time. It is also possible to edit the name at any time later by running Rename Group command from Group menu, or using right-click menu.

To move a computer from one group to another, use drag-and-drop, or run Move Computer to Group command from right-click menu of the computer.

Using special icons JCM Console can highlight computers that use individual settings for BCWipe or BestCrypt Volume Encryption software. In the screenshot above computer with name TPMUEFI has an icon illustrating the use of individual settings for BCWipe and BestCrypt Volume Encryption software. Note that options Highlight computers with Individual Settings ... should be set in Computers menu to make JCM showing the special icons.

Adding computers to database

Removing computers from database

To remove a computer from the JCM Database select the computer in the left tab of the Jetico Central Manager Console and run Remove Computer command from Computers menu. To remove the whole group select the group and run Delete Group command from Group menu.

NOTE: After removing a computer from database and rebooting the computer, client software will be uninstalled. As well, JCM Deployment Agent will be removed.

NOTE: the uninstallation process will not run if the computer cannot communicate with the database (for example, if computer has no network connection with computer where service is running). It prevents from the incorrect uninstallation of the client software in case of accidental malfunctioning of the company network.

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