Why do I need wiping? 

When you delete sensitive files, the operating system does not erase contents of these files from the drive - it only deletes 'references' to these files from the file system tables. Contents of the deleted file (a.k.a the file's body) remain on the disk and can be easily recovered using standard recovery tools often available online free of charge.

What is wiping?

Wiping is a term used to describe a process of shredding or erasing the contents of a file or an entire drive. The data that's been properly wiped can;t be recovered.

What is BCWipe Total WipeOut?

BCWipe Total WipeOut is a full drive erasure offspring of the world-renown BCWipe utility. Unlike BCWipe that targets specific file and can surgically remove their traces from the drive leaving the operating system intact, BCWipe Total WipeOut is designed to wipe drives entirely, including any traces of information ever to exist on that drive. 

What are the use cases for full disk wiping?

BCWipe Total WipeOut offers a better, ecological and profitable alternative to degaussing and physical destruction. Customers rely on BCWipe Total WipeOut for use cases like:

      • Wipe hard drives before disposing or sending for physical destruction
      • Eliminate data before decommissioning or repurposing
      • Clear hard drives between classified programs
      • Wipe hard drives with sensitive or proprietary information that fail under warranty, then must be sent back to manufacturer
      • Donate or sell used computers securely

How does BCWipe Total WipeOut work?

To ensure effective wiping results, target drive has to be isolated from the host operating system during the process. To achieve this, BCWipe Total WipeOut Wiping Utility runs off a bootable USB/CD pre-configured via the BCWipe Total WipeOut Configuration Wizard.

BCWipe Total WipeOut introduces memory-type-specific wiping policies. HDD, SSD, hybrid drives and removable media are all built uniquely and require unique approach to wiping as well. For each of the drive types, Jetico engineers have carefully selected a wiping scheme that ensures the most effective results with minimal lifetime impact. 

Other notable features include support for ATA Secure Erase command, sector level verification, automated mode of operation. Review the full list of features here: Main Features of BCWipe Total WipeOut

How to start using BCWipe Total WipeOut?

This Quick Start  guide illustrates the wiping process in few simple steps. 

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