BestCrypt Volume Encryption software provides transparent encryption of all the data stored on fixed and removable disks.

What is Volume Encryption?

Nearly all information in the modern world exists in electronic form, or as data. The growing number of high-profile data breaches (i.e., incidents in which personal and public records, confidential information and intellectual property are leaked, lost or stolen) have created an urgent need for data protection solutions.

No information security strategy can be effective unless data is properly protected at the source, where it is stored. Data encryption is the most effective way to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive data, eliminating the risks of data loss and data theft.

Volume Encryption software works with volume as with a single portion of data. Volume is always in one of two definite states: if password is not entered, the whole volume is not accessible. If user enters proper password and opens the volume, all data on the volume become accessible.

Main Features

BestCrypt Volume Encryption software provides the following capabilities:


BestCrypt for Mac requires the following minimum computer configuration:


There are the following software limitations:

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