With the release of BestCrypt Volume Encryption v5, we introduce a new graphical user interface for pre-boot authentication (Available only for EFI systems).

Key features are: On-screen keyboard, dedicated ‘Display password’ button, Multiple keyboard layouts, Custom graphical themes and Full mouse support. It is also required for the use of Unicode passwords.

Available graphic boot-time themes

We created Jetico boot-time theme that is embedded into the program and cannot be customized. It looks like this:

Along with pre-set Jetico theme, you have an option to customize the theme according to your corporate identity or your own tastes. Minimal theme for dark backgrounds and Minimal Light theme for light ones.

On-screen keyboard

Another key feature of the new boot-time GUI is on-screen keyboard with an extended variety of languages available for use at boot time.

Display password

There is also an option to display password, which is no longer limited by F1 key and now has a dedicated “eye” button.

Other languages

Multiple keyboard layouts are now supported even at boot-time. Last two layouts that you use in Windows will be added as default options and if your boot-time password is actually set in a different language, then you can select the correct one by clicking Other languages.

How to assign a graphic boot-time theme

To enable a graphical boot-theme open BCVE control panel, navigate to Password -> Boot-time prompt for password and click GUI button:

Boot-time prompt text

Choose a boot theme from the drop-down list, and click Use theme button:

And if you want, you can always switch back to the text theme by clicking Switch to text theme.

Custom themes

Minimal and Minimal Light themes are available for customization. The Minimal uses a black background and white text, and the Minimal Light uses white background and black text. Choose one of these themes and click Customize . You can set Logo, which overlaps background and interface, and customize its position. Default position is top left corner.

You also can select a background picture or background color. Keep in mind that the assigned picture will be resized at boot-time to fit the screen.

Example of the Minimal custom theme with logo:

Example of the Minimal Light custom theme with logo overlapping interface:

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