Jetico Central Manager reports

An Administrator of Jetico Central Manager can create a report about computers and users that are registered in the database of the software. The report may contain the following information:

To create a Jetico Central Manager report, run command Create Report from Reports and Logs menu in the Jetico Central Manager Console. The following window will appear.

Create BCEnterprise report

Select set of computers and users you want to be in the report (all computers and users or computers from selected group only, or selected computer only).

If you check Report only problem computers, then Jetico Central Manager will only add a computer to the report if some problem is detected on the computer.

You can select all Jetico client software for the report or only few of them. For example, if you are interested to know what disk volumes are encrypted on client computers, you may select only BestCrypt Volume Encryption for the report.

Enter name of file and path where the report should be saved and click OK . Jetico Central Manager creates report in HTML format. After creating the report file Jetico Central Manager runs default Internet browser to display contents of the report file. The following picture illustrates how start part of the report may look like.

Example of Jetico Central Manager report

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