Traveller Mode

BestCrypt Volume Encryption can work in Traveller Mode. It means that the user can create a set of Traveller Mode files and then run the program on computer where the software is not installed. For example, the user can run the program to mount encrypted volume from removable disk device attached to computer where the software is not installed.

To create a set of the Traveller Mode files, run the Options->Traveller Mode files command. Standard Windows Browse for Folder window will appear. Select the folder where you want to save the copy of the Traveller Mode files and click OK.

The folder will contain a number of files and folders. Now you can copy the files to removable disk and then run BCFMGR.EXE program from the disk on computer where the software is not installed.

Note that set of Traveller mode files provides the user with the limited functionality compared to the fully installed software. For example, the software cannot encrypt boot or system volumes, hide drive letters for not mounted volumes, save and restore network share information, turn on Anti-Keylogger function. Such an advanced functionality requires installation of low-level drivers that is avoided in Traveller Mode.

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