Setting Anti-Keylogger

BestCrypt Volume Encryption has Anti-Keylogger functionality preventing all known keylogging programs from intercepting passwords the user enters for encrypted volumes. Examples of such programs are Advanced Keylogger, Active Keylogger, Beyond Keylogger, Spy Lantern Keylogger, Microsoft Spy++.

To set Anti-Keylogger, run the Options->Anti-Keylogger settings command. The following window will appear:

Anti-Keylogger settings

To activate Anti-Keylogger check the Use Anti-Keylogger checkbox.

Before activating Anti-Keylogger it is recommended that you type something in the Test edit box just to verify that Anti-Keylogger will work properly on your computer. You should see exactly the same symbols that you are typing. If Anti-Keylogger is enabled, a small red cursor will appear under the password edit controls when you enter passwords for encrypted volumes.