How to use BCTextEncoder

Opening BCTextEncoder window

To run BCTextEncoder for the first time, you should run BCTextEncoder.exe file which was downloaded from our site. BCTextEncoder main window will appear and BCTextEncoder Assistant process will start. When BCTextEncoder Assistant is running, you can open the main BCTextEncoder window using the systray icon or predefined Hot Key. See more information in BCTextEncoder Assistant Options chapter.

BCTextEncoder window consists of two panes - Plain Text pane and Encoded Text pane.

 Image text  

Text Encoding

  1. Put the text into Plain Text pane. This can be done by three ways:
  2. Using Encode by box, choose a type of encryption. You may encode by password or by public key of other person. If you have no a public key, please see BestCrypt Key Manager section to know how to generate your own key pair and import an existing public key. The Key Manager functions are available in Key menu of BCTextEncoder window.

  3. Use Encode button to encode the text displayed in Plain Text pane. The encoded text in Encoded Text Format will be placed in Encoded Text pane.

Text Decoding

To decode a text, copy encoded text to clipboard and open BCTextEncoder. If the option Automatically decode encoded text is enabled, you will be asked for the password and the decoded text will be placed into Plain Text pane. Otherwise, you have to paste encoded text manually and use Decode button to decode the text.

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