BCTextEncoder Assistant Options

BCTextEncoder Assistant Options dialog is used to change settings concerning BCTextEncoder Assistant activity. To open the dialog you should run the command BCTextEncoder Assistant Options in Options menu of BCTextEncoder window OR in Systray Icon pop-up menu.

The following window will appear:

 Image text

Hot Key
You can start BTextEncoder main window by pressing the specified Hot Key from any environment.
Type your key sequence in Hot Key: edit box, f.e. 'Ctrl+Alt+H'.
If you want to disable the Hot Key functionality, just delete all symbols with Backspace button.

Run BCTextEncoder Assistant at Startup
Note, you cannot run BCTextEncoder by Hot Hey if the Assistant  is not running, so it is recommended to start the BCTextEncoder Assistant at system startup.

Automatically decode encoded text
The option allows to decrease amount of steps for decoding  to minimum. If you see encoded text, you just copy it to clipboard and press the hot key you've previously assigned. BCTextEncoder automatically detects encoded text in clipboard, asks for the password and shows decoded text.
If encoding signatures are not found, the text is considered as plain text you are going to encode. So the text is placed to Decoded plain text window, you need to choose encoding options and press Encode button to encode the text.
If you set options Copy encoded text to clipboard after encoding and Copy decoded text to clipboard after decoding you will minimize the operation steps even more.

Open new encoded text in a separate window
Every time you start encoding/decoding process, it will open a separate window, so you can work with several documents simultaneously.

Hide Systray Icon
Since you assign the Hot Key, you may hide the BCTextEncoder Systray Icon. It just makes the icon invisible, but it does not kill the BCTextEncoder Assistant process, so the Hot Key function will work properly. In that case, you will get access to this dialog through Options menu of BCTextEncoder main window.

Reset All Settings
Please use this check box to return all settings to default state. The command also clears all the registry entries BCTextEncoder has set.