Enhanced Hidden Containers Technology

BestCrypt has a modular software architecture and such an approach allows our developers as well as third-party companies or individuals extending functionality of the software.

All the Hidden Containers functionality is implemented in Key Generator modules of BestCrypt.

KG-Ghost Key Generator has many advanced features, including enhanced Hidden Containers functionality, providing the following:

  1. Creating several hidden parts inside a single outer container. Even if someone gets informed that you have a hidden part inside some container file and even if the one can force you to tell the password for it, you can still have another hidden part inside the same outer container.

    Note that because of security reasons BestCrypt knows nothing about any hidden parts until you enter a proper password for it. Hence, when you create second, third (and so on) hidden parts, you should enter passwords for all other hidden parts created earlier. Otherwise, BestCrypt (being not aware of earlier created hidden parts) may overwrite them. (Read more about creating Hidden Parts in Hidden Part property sheet article.)

  2. When you created Hidden Part using earlier BestCrypt versions, the software was not aware of data stored inside outer container file. So the user could damage some data in outer container when he/she writes data to its Hidden Part.

    KG-Ghost Key Generator suggests the user should enter password for outer container before creating Hidden Part inside it. After getting the password, BestCrypt mounts outer container and gets information about location of data inside the outer container. Then, when BestCrypt creates Hidden Part inside the container, it allocates only unused space inside outer container.

    As a result, writing data to the Hidden Part does not cause damaging data inside outer container.

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