Hidden Containers: A Good Advice

Password for an original container as an “Alarm” password

As follows from the Hidden Containers: Precautions section, it would be wise to treat the password for the original container as an Alarm password. It means that the password must not be entered unless you have been forced to reveal it. By using the term Alarm we also mean that you should use this password only if you have consciously decided to mount the original container and write some data into it to destroy the hidden part of the container. Some ability to destroy the hidden part of the container may be useful when there is a real threat to the security of your data.

How to change/add password for a hidden part

  1. Open Change Container Properties dialog for the container (by running Properties command from pop-up menu for selected container or from Container menu item).
  2. Go to User passwords property sheet.
  3. Check the Change password/Add password radio button and click Execute.
  4. Enter password for the original part.
  5. Enter password for the hidden part.
  6. Enter new/additional password.