Hidden Containers: Precautions

  1. You may write some data to the original container before creating the hidden part. But once you have created your hidden container,

    When BestCrypt has mounted the original container, BestCrypt will have no knowledge of the containerís hidden part!

    IF YOU WRITE TO THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER, THE HIDDEN PART MAY BE DAMAGED! The BestCrypt software is deliberately designed in such a manner as to allow the original container to appear to be the sole container for data. This is a deliberate act for maximum security of the secret encrypted container. If the software were not designed in this way, a potential intruder, having discovered the password for your original container, could use debugging tools to determine whether there is a hidden part inside the container.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Since changing any of the original containerís properties (re-encrypting, changing Algorithm or Key Generator and so on) may cause BestCrypt to overwrite the header of the container file, information about hidden part may also be lost. So please do not change the properties of the container file after you have created a hidden part inside it.

  2. If you create the hidden part, it means that the data stored inside the original container has no meaning and exists only for one reason - to disguise the information stored in the hidden part. You should avoid mounting the original container.

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