BestCrypt System Tray Icon

To make the BestCrypt system more convenient for users the software supports BestCrypt System Tray Icon, which is located on the desktop taskbar. The taskbar (also known as the "tray") provides a place for programs and hardware devices to display icons. For example, if your computer supports some sound card, a Volume Control icon can appear on the taskbar.

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BestCrypt Icon

With BestCrypt System Tray Icon, you may control the state of the BestCrypt virtual drives and run some frequently used BestCrypt commands.

State of the Virtual Drives

The Icon shows current state of the BestCrypt system. BestCrypt shows the following icon:

There is not mounted containers - If there are not any BestCrypt virtual drives mounted on the computer;

Some containers are mounted - If there is at least one virtual drive mounted on the computer;

Mount or dismount process is in progress - When the state is intermediate (mount or dismount process is in progress);


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