Systray Icon Options

BestCrypt Systray Icon

To make the BestCrypt system more convenient for users the software supports BestCrypt System Tray Icon, which is located on the desktop taskbar. The right part of the taskbar (also known as "tray", or "notification area") provides a place for programs and hardware devices to display icons.

 BestCrypt icon displayed in system tray

With BestCrypt System Tray Icon, you can control the state of the BestCrypt virtual drives and run some frequently used BestCrypt commands.

State of the Virtual Drives

The Icon shows current state of the BestCrypt system:

There are no containers mounted - BestCrypt virtual drives are not mounted;

One or several containers are mounted - at least one virtual drive is mounted;

Mount or dismount process is in progress - mount or dismount process is in progress;


Systray Icon Options

The dialog appears if you run Systray Icon command from Options menu of BestCrypt Control Panel.

 Systray Icon options

It allows users to set the following options for Bestcrypt System Tray Icon:
  1. Set Shortcut Key

    To set a shortcut key for opening Systray Icon pop-up menu, you should type some keyboard key (‘A’ - ‘Z’, F1 - F12) in the edit box. For example, if you press ‘S’ key in the edit box, the “Alt + S” combination will become a shortcut key for calling the same context menu which appears for the BestCrypt Systray icon.
  2. Disable Systray Icon

    Check Disable BestCrypt Systray Icon checkbox to remove BestCrypt Systray Icon from the desktop taskbar. The commands of the Systray Icon will be available via Shortcut Key, if it has been set.
  3. Left double-click opens Control Panel

    If the checkbox is marked, left double-click on the tray icon opens Control Panel. If it is not marked, left-double click dismounts all virtual drives.
  4. Use Recently Mounted List

    If Use Recently Mounted List checkbox is marked, BestCrypt remembers names of mounted containers and shows the list in Systray Icon pop-up menu, so that you are able to mount the containers from here. Besides, Recently Mounted group will be created and shown in BestCrypt Control Panel.

    You will get the same effect if you set option Use recently mounted list in View menu of BestCrypt Control Panel.

    When you uncheck the option and Recently Mounted List is not empty, BestCrypt will ask whether you want to destroy contents of the list stored in Windows Registry.