Hidden Part

KG-Ghost Key Generator has extended functionality related to Hidden Containers:

The functionality listed above requires getting information about data inside outer container before the user starts creating hidden part. If there are several hidden parts inside outer container, the user should also enter passwords for all the hidden parts before creating a new hidden part. So the procedure of creating hidden part looks like the following:

  1. Open Change Container Properties dialog for the container by running Properties command from pop-up menu for selected container or from Container menu item.
  2. Open Hidden part properties property sheet.

    Hidden Part property sheet

  3. Click Get free space map . BestCrypt will open the outer container, read map of free clusters (i.e. it will define space inside outer container that is not occupied by data) and dismount the outer container again.

    Details will become available and if you wish, you can look at the map of free space inside the outer container. Size of the free space inside the outer container will be reported in Free space text control of the dialog.
  4. If you are creating first hidden part inside the container, choose the size of hidden part using the slide bar at the bottom part of the sheet. Note that maximum allowed size is equal to the size of free space in the original container.

    Using Details, you can see how the hidden container will be located inside the outer container.
  5. Click Create. Enter the password for the hidden part and it will be created.
  6. If you have already had hidden part(s) inside outer container, you should enter password(s) for it (them) before creating additional new hidden part. Otherwise, BestCrypt will not be aware of the hidden part(s) and will overwrite them when you start creating new hidden part.

    To enter information about existing hidden part, click Validate and enter the password. Repeat it for every existing hidden part. A total size of all existing hidden parts will be reported in Total space area. If you click the Details , BestCrypt will show information about space inside original container occupied by existing hidden parts.

  7. Click Create. Enter password for new hidden part and it will be created so that all earlier created hidden parts will remain intact.

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