Keyfiles allow you to set another level of authentication for your containers, in addition to standard password protection. Keyfiles are (optionally) set during container creation or when adding a new password. You may choose one or several keyfiles to secure the container. BestCrypt processes its contents and generates a hash that is added to the encryption key. To mount a container encrypted with keyfiles, you needs to provide the correct container password as well as the set of keyfiles (the order does not matter).

Advantages of using Keyfiles include:

BestCrypt's specially designed Keyfile Manager allows for easy adding and viewing of keyfiles. The Keyfile Manager is available by clicking the Key Files button in the advanced view of the Enter Password dialog:

Any file can be used as a Keyfile with one restriction: the file shouldn't be modified. By modifying the file, a new file is created. This new file will no longer be recognized by BestCrypt, denying access to the container.

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