Windows Compatibility and Transition Notes

BestCrypt is fully compatible across all supported platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) on the container file level. This means that your containers will work just the same on any other supported platform no matter where and when it was created. However, the platforms themselves are still different and it is useful to be aware of those differences to avoid common pitfalls. For the purpose of this guide let us concentrate on a particular case of transitioning your BestCrypt containers from Windows to Linux.

File System Compatibility

Although BestCrypt will open and mount your Windows containers Linux there may be an issue with the filesystem your container is formatted with. The default file system on Windows is NTFS or ExFAT, however not all of the Linux distributives support NTFS or ExFAT volumes. This is essentially the same situation you could have had with an ordinary flash drive formatted on Windows in NTFS and mounted on a Linux. To avoid this problem, use either FAT or install a third-party support for writing to NTFS or ExFAT volumes on Linux*. You should check how to do it in your Linux distribution to get more details.

Linux will allow you to format new containers in a number of Linux-specific file systems not supported by Windows, for example ext3. To access ext3-formatted container on Windows, users can install a third-party ext3 implementation.

* Please note that Jetico Inc. Oy does not take any responsibility for using third-party software and any damage it may cause to your system.