Easy to install, easy to use, totally transparent and available on all major platforms – Windows, Linux and now Mac too – BestCrypt empowers you with strong encryption to securely store your confidential documents and private information.

BestCrypt utilizes globally trusted encryption algorithms and provides unparalleled protection against unauthorized data access.

Why do you need BestCrypt?

Nearly all information in the modern world exists in electronic form – or as data. The growing number of high-profile incidents – Data Breaches, where personal/public records, confidential information, and/or intellectual property are leaked, lost or stolen – have created an urgent need for data protection solutions.

No information security strategy can be effective unless data is properly protected – at the source/where it is stored. Data encryption is the most effective way to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive data. Eliminate the risks of data loss and data theft.

BestCrypt – Best-of-Breed Data Encryption protects and secures…

BestCrypt is the most powerful and proven data protection tool – engineered for a wide range of users: from large multinational corporations to personal home users. BestCrypt empowers you with strong built-in encryption algorithms to keep all classified documents classified. There are no "backdoors" (a “feature” that allows legal authorities to access any/all data) – only authorized users can access data protected by BestCrypt.

Data protection for all major platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac. BestCrypt enables support of multiple operating systems and/or a multi-operating system environment – with full transparency for end users and a consistent management interface for administrators.

Whether at work or at home, you need a time-tested data encryption solution to protect and restrict access to all your data – BestCrypt.

Benefits of BestCrypt

Proven Data Protection Across All Major Platforms

BestCrypt supports all major operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac – with the same level of advanced data protection to ensure that all your confidential data is accessible across all major platforms.

Data stored in a BestCrypt ‘container’ is automatically encrypted – allowing authorized users instant access to the BestCrypt protected data.

BestCrypt containers enable the sharing and transmission of data safely and securely. Only authorized users have access to the transmitted protected data.

Strong Encryption Algorithms

Any trusted security systems must use standard, open, and published encryption methods - known as strong algorithms, to verify data protection reliability. BestCrypt empowers users to protect their data using many of today’s strong algorithms. Every algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm's specification:

AlgorithmKey Size
AES (Rijndael)256-bit
GOST 28147-89256-bit

In addition to default LRW and CBC ( Cipher Block Chaining ) modes that are supported by all of the algorithms, BestCrypt also utilizes XTS encryption mode for AES, RC6, Serpent and Twofish. XTS mode is specially designed for applications working on disk sector level and is more secure than other popular mode used before – such as CBC mode.

Easy to Use

BestCrypt really is easy to use. You need only to enter the appropriate password. Once the password is verified, you can transparently access and use the data for any application. No further actions are needed to keep new or altered data in the secure encrypted state.

How It Works

All data on your computer is stored on disk drives. When you open a text file the editor application asks your operating system (Windows, Linux or Mac OS X) to read required file from the disk where it is located. File contents are read from the disk drive and displayed by the editor.

With BestCrypt you create encrypted virtual disk images called 'BestCrypt container files'. When entering correct password BestCrypt mounts a virtual disk image stored in container file as a new removable device. When the virtual disk is opened, you can read and write data as if it were a conventional hard disk except that all data stored on it is always encrypted. When any system application creates new files or writes data to existing files on BestCrypt virtual disk all this new data is transparently encrypted before storing it. Similarly, when any system application reads existing files from BestCrypt virtual drive first encrypted data is read and then transparently decrypted before returning it to the requesting application.

This way all data stored on virtual BestCrypt drive is always encrypted and only becomes available when you enter correct container password. Of course, the size of a virtual drive is equal to size of the container it is stored in. A container file is still an ordinary file, so it is possible to backup all encrypted data and then to restore it, if there is a mishap. The BestCrypt system allows users to choose cryptography algorithm and encryption mode for storing sensitive data. Different encryption algorithms can be used in different containers. Easy-to-use BestCrypt software has been developed to simplify all control procedures as well as to satisfy all security requirements. For this reason the BestCrypt system is the ideal product for a wide range of users - from the government services and commercial agencies to the people who keep private letters on their home computers, to those who travel on business trips and use their notebooks for storage.


Starting with version 3, BestCrypt is available in binary packages for most of the popular Linux distributions.
A list including all supported distributions can be found here.

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