Why Is BestCrypt the Best TrueCrypt Alternative?

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Users Tell Why

TrueCrypt's discontinuation left many users with an urgent question:
"What is the best TrueCrypt alternative?"

We understand that some of you are still thinking whether you should rely on BestCrypt or another software to protect your sensitive data. Some former TrueCrypt users are here to help you understand why BestCrypt is the best TrueCrypt alternative:

"I've been a long standing TrueCrypt full disk encryption user, but with Windows 8.1 this is no longer an option.
There aren't a lot of full disk solutions for Windows 8 computers that boot according to UEFI specification on the market. But with Jetico's BestCrypt Volume Encryption I get a software that not only supports Windows 8.1, but is also compatible with UEFI and GPT partition configurations."

- Vincent M., BestCrypt user, USA

"By supporting Windows 8 and using a minimum of 128-bit encryption, as well as a pre-boot authentication password, BestCrypt Volume Encryption is the behind the scenes tool that helps us to comply with NAIC Regulations day after day.
Unlike alternative solutions that we have been using over the past few years - first Bitlocker, which literally took hours each day to encrypt, and then TrueCrypt - Jetico's solution is light on the system and compatible with the latest UEFI configurations. Our Small Business is without an IT department and technical support. Getting patient, side-by-side and professional support from Jetico's Tech Team was absolutely fantastic.
Thank you once again for your great technology and technical support!"

- Heidi Y.-M., Small Business,'a Happy' BestCrypt user, USA

"BestCrypt Volume Encryption is an excellent upgrade from TrueCrypt! With its support for Windows 8 and GPT partitions, I am confident that my data is protected in case of theft and that I can safely hand my notebook over for repair. Located in Finland, Jetico is serving the needs of people across the globe. As a matter of fact, the most reliable and trustworthy information security comes from this corner of the world."
- Fabian E., BestCrypt user, Germany
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