UPDATE - Wipe and Encrypt Data on Windows 10 with Jetico

31 Jul 2015

Windows® 10 has now been publicly released.

Jetico is happy to announce that BestCrypt and BCWipe are already built to support the new operating system.

BestCrypt Volume Encryption on Windows® 10 - How to Migrate?

Jetico Technical Support tests have shown that the Windows® 10 upgrade process operates in a very simplified environment with only a small number of necessary components loaded. Unfortunately, this does not include BestCrypt Volume Encryption modules. Being unable to bypass our protection, Windows® 10 fails to operate on an encrypted drive and reverts to all changes previously done.

If you use BestCrypt Volume Encryption to encrypt your system volume, please decrypt the system volume before upgrading and then re-encrypt.

Click here to review step-by-step instructions

For additional questions or concerns, please contact Jetico Technical Support.

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