Jetico Secure Notepad for Android - Beta out Now

2 Aug 2016

BestCrypt Note, Jetico's New Android Encryption App, Is Now Available on Google Play

BestCrypt Note is a secure notepad for Android. Built on Jetico's guaranteed backdoor-free encryption, BestCrypt Note combines a simple note-saving app with proven reliable security. 

After setting your password, Jetico's Android encryption app securely saves and stores:

  • Personal or confidential text notes
  • Credit cards
  • Account logins & passwords
    - Tap globe icon and select browser; your username is added to clipboard and ready to paste in login.
  • Contacts
    - Tap handset icon to place calls; outgoing calls are not displayed in Call History.
  • Location coordinates
    - Tap location icon to find in map.

For a smooth user experience with BestCrypt Note, you can apply tags to categorize your notes.

Features & Benefits

  • Data Encryption for Android
    - Securely save credit cards, account credentials, contacts… any sensitive notes stored in BestCrypt Note are now protected!
  • Proven Encryption with No Backdoors
    - Jetico solutions are known and valued for not having backdoors or related vulnerabilities.
  • Industry Standard Encryption
    - Encrypt your notes by utilizing the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption algorithm.
  • User Friendly Interface
    - Easily filter and manage your encrypted notes by using tags.
  • Enhanced Security
    - Prevent notes from appearing in screenshots, switcher or other unsecured displays by enabling the ‘Prevent Third-Party Access’ option.
    - Require password after inactivity by customizing the ‘Password Timeout’ option.
    - Save encrypted notes at the storage level, and not in device memory; so if your phone gets lost or stolen, intruders can’t access your notes.
  • Minimal Permission Requirements
    - Just read and write external storage, call logs and contacts. That’s all!

Learn more and download the Beta on Google Play.

Code licensed under MIT license

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