BestCrypt Volume Encryption for Mac - Beta Out Now

25 Sep 2018

Jetico's Disk Encryption for Mac - The Best Alternative to FileVault

Long-trusted disk encryption by Jetico is now available for Mac users offering reliable protection that doesn't interrupt your natural workflow.

Features & Benefits

BestCrypt Volume Encryption for Mac - the best Mac Disk Encryption FileVault alternative

Superior whole disk encryption for macOS
- Encrypt your Mac, as well as your removable drives (USB)
- Protect access to data with pre-boot authentication
- Save time by encrypting multiple volumes simultaneously
- Rescue functions to decrypt volumes in case of emergency
- Strong encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent, Twofish) with largest possible key size & most secure XTS encryption mode

Transparent operation
- BestCrypt Volume Encryption does not interrupt your natural workflow
- Continue using your computer during encryption process or pause to resume later

Compatible with BestCrypt Volume Encryption for Windows
- Share encrypted files across both Windows & Mac
- Cross-platform compatibility ensures full protection during entire data transfer cycle; seamless file sharing with Windows is not possible using FileVault

See online User Manual for more details.

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Beta Rewards Program

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  • Opportunity to influence final product
  • Ongoing updates on Beta Status and progress

Register for Beta Program

To download, please accept the Terms and Conditions and click Submit below. A download link will be shown on the next page. After testing, please give feedback here. 

NOTE: This software is a Beta version which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. 

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