BestCrypt Container Encryption for Linux v.2 Beta

25 May 2012

Jetico evolves Linux encryption with enhanced stability, security and user experience

New Features 

  • Redeveloped BestCrypt block device driver to support future Linux kernel changes
    -This new version of BestCrypt Container Encryption for Linux contains many changes and improvements, particularly with drivers. When mounting a new container, the program now only creates a virtual block device instead of creating all available devices. Thanks to this new feature, your graphical desktop file managers (such as Gnome or KDE) are more comfortable with using BestCrypt. In addition, you will also save time by quickly finding the devices where containers have been mounted. Previously, many empty BestCrypt block devices would be displayed inside such file managers, which sometime made it difficult to find the disk where your container had been mounted.
  • Added XTS and LRW encryption modes
  • Changed visible device politics so now there are no empty devices; new BestCrypt block device appears only during container linking process
  • Added proper graphical user interface (GUI)
    -The new graphical user interface is written on Qt, so now you can easily mount and access your BestCrypt containers by simply double-clicking them from within your preferred file manager. Yet using the graphical user interface is optional, so you may continue to access your BestCrypt containers via the console tool if you prefer.
  • Added 'backup'/'restore' commands for bctool for backing up and restoring container headers
  • Added 'encrypt_header'/'decrypt_header' commands for bctool for encrypting and decrypting container headers to fully hide a container file
  • Dropped support of old Linux kernels (before 2.6); if this is still important for you, please contact our support
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