New Features & Added Benefits in BCWipe Total WipeOut v.3

Reduces downtime & costs by wiping over the network

By using nothing more than a web browser, BCWipe Total WipeOut users can now run any of the software's DoD-approved wiping schemes to erase hard drives and SSDs on multiple computers simultaneously over the network. By saving time, resources and money, version 3.0 is the ideal solution for large corporations and e-waste centers, where there is an ongoing and intensive demand for trustworthy, high-functioning, all-in-one wiping software.

Enhances support for SSD

BCWipe Total WipeOut can now securely erase SSD in less time by delivering support for Non-Volatile Memory Express, more commonly known as NVMe, working with native commands such as User Data Erase and Cryptographic Erase.

Improves compliance with centralized reporting

For auditing purposes, admins can now run and retrieve wiping reports from a central server and download them in multiple formats including DOC, PDF, XLSX, CSV and HTML. BCWipe Total WipeOut reports are generated in compliance with NIST recommendations.

Features new user-friendly interface

BCWipe Total WipeOut's new browser-based interface is designed to ensure ease of use and user-friendly interaction. The browser-based interface enables users to operate the software from anywhere - whether in an office chair or a beach chair.