Jetico Product Release Notes: BestCrypt Explorer

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Note: This document is regularly updated and is subject to change without notice. We invite you to share your feedback with us, including reporting issues with our products, via our online contact form.

Supported Operating Systems 

BestCrypt Note for Android supports the following operating systems:

  • Android 4.0+

Product Updates 

16-October-2018 | v.1.60 
Announced general availability for BestCrypt Explorer.

  • Explore contents of Android file system.
  • Manage files and folders on your mobile or tablet.
  • Create encrypted storage to protect files.
  • AES encryption with password protection.
  • Internal file viewer to prevent third-party apps from snooping on your data.
  • Locking access to storage automatically after inactivity.
  • Encrypted cloud storage.
  • Share encrypted files between mobile, desktop and cloud.
  • File protection during transfer.
  • Open BestCrypt containers and BCArchive archives on your mobile.