How to Migrate to Windows 10 with BestCrypt Volume Encryption

BestCrypt and BCWipe are already built to support Windows 10.
Yet if you use BestCrypt Volume Encryption to encrypt your system volume, please follow our step-by-step instructions:

  • Download and install BestCrypt Volume Encryption v.3.75.00 or newer
  • Download the Microsoft Media Creation tool following the link:
  • Create and mount the ISO or create an installation USB
  • Run Command Prompt as Administrator, navigate to the mounted ISO / USB and type*:

    For x64 system:
    Setup.exe /ReflectDrivers "C:\Program Files (x86)\Jetico\BestCrypt Volume Encryption\x64_win10"

    For x86 system:
    Setup.exe /ReflectDrivers "C:\Program Files\Jetico\BestCrypt Volume Encryption\x32_win10"
  • Follow the steps of the Windows Setup Wizard to complete the update process.

*NOTE: If you have BestCrypt Volume Encryption installed as a part of BestCrypt Suite, the commands should be:
Setup.exe /ReflectDrivers C:\Program Files (x86)\Jetico\BestCrypt\BC_VE\x64_win10
Setup.exe /ReflectDrivers C:\Program Files\Jetico\BestCrypt\BC_VE\x32_win10

For additional questions or concerns, please Contact Technical Support