How to Install & Register BestCrypt Volume Encryption

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to install and register BestCrypt Volume Encryption on Windows. 

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Step 1: Download and begin setup
First, download BestCrypt Volume Encryption from the Jetico website at
Double click on the setup program icon in your Downloads folder to begin installation.

Installer icon for BestCrypt Volume Encryption

Then follow the setup program:

Screenshot initial setup of BestCrypt Volume Encryption










Step 2: Select User Interface
Choose the user interface you prefer (can be changed later) and click 'Next'.

Screenshot setup of User Interface of BestCrypt Volume Encryption










Step 3: Enter license
If you are just using the program for evaluation, then the download includes an embedded trial license. Choose 'License, embedded in the Setup program' and the installer will use that to finish the setup after you press 'Start'

Screenshot setup of license selection in BestCrypt Volume Encryption










If you have a separate license, choose 'External license' and enter it using one of the options given. You can copy and paste the license key (e.g., from file or email) or select a file on your computer containing the license for the setup wizard to read. If you’re choosing a file to read, click 'Read from file' and locate it on your computer.

Screenshot setup read license in BestCrypt Volume Encryption








Once you have entered the license and the details are shown in the field, click 'Ok, use the license'.

Screenshot last step setup of BestCrypt Volume Encryption










Click 'Start' to begin installation. In a few moments you will be ready to use BestCrypt Volume Encryption. There you have it!
If you have questions, you can always contact us!

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