Did You Know That There Are a Lot of Bad Guys out There?

Jetico Personal Firewall makes sure the Bad Guys can't harm you.

Jetico Personal Firewall software protects computers against hackers and malicious software when networked or connected to the Internet.

Benefits & Advantages

Protection from threats
Protect from hackers and malicious software

Jetico Personal Firewall establishes filters at multiple layers in the operating system. This allows the software to withstand all known attacks.
Jetico Personal Firewall offers:

  • Detailed &¬†configurable event logs
  • Detailed &¬†configurable reports
  • Option to view &¬†edit the firewall configuration
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Security policies to meet your needs

The firewall package contains several pre-built configurations to satisfy everyone's needs:

  • Low-level (Network packet filter)
    This checks the validity of network packets and parameters such as source and destination addresses, protocol, etc. Using this process, Jetico Personal Firewall can make your computer invisible to untrusted networks. By selecting the Optimal Protection Policy, your computer becomes 'stealthy'. Any security probing tests (for example, ShieldsUp! tests) by internet hackers will report that your computer does not exist.
  • Application-level (Network events filter)
    This checks and enables you to monitor network/internet connection requests made by applications. If you aren't sure why an application wishes to send or receive data from the Internet you can limit or block the activity.
  • User-level (Process activity filter)
    This notifies you of and prevents dirty tricks by Trojans and other malicious programs. A Trojan can inject its own code into programs on your computer and send data about you to a third party. For example, a Trojan in Internet Explorer could transmit details of your browsing preferences.
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Open architecture

The entire firewall configuration is available for user inspection and modification. Firewall filtering functions are implemented by modules. Jetico Personal Firewall contains no hidden or compiled-in features.

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