Configuration File

There are a number of settings that can be used by JCM administrator to make rarely needed changes.
The settings do not exist in GUI and are stored in configuration file -, it is located in JCM program folder.

After making any change in the configuration file, you need to restart JCM Server to apply the change.

The following settings can be changed in configuration file:
server.url Change IP address of the JCM Server
See Migration of JCM Server: Scenario 3
server.session.timeout Session timeout in seconds. After this period of inactivity, JCM Console will be logged out.
allow.add.delete.companies Set it to TRUE if several companies should be managed.
See JCM Administration Console: Companies and Licenses
support.mac Set it to TRUE if MAC clients should be managed
server.port Change the default port number 8443 to another one.
After the change, it is required to generate a new JCM Agent Setup and run them on all the client computers.
jcm.cluster.mode See Cluster Mode
jcm.strong.password Use this setting to enable/disable forcing strong passwords for JCM Console users.
mysql.password:root Type your MySQL password here

How to encrypt configuration file

Configuration file contains several passwords, and it may be considered as secret information. So the program allows to encrypt the passwords as follows:

  1. Stop JCM Server.
  2. Create text file with the name 'password.txt' and copy these strings from the configuration file:
  3. Type the real passwords in the file, save the file and put it to the program directory.
  4. In '' file - type fake passwords or delete these strings, save the file.
  5. Open Command Prompt as administrator, navigate to the program folder and run the command:

  6. java -jar crypter.jar encrypt password.txt password.enc

    You will be asked to enter the password to encrypt the file.

  7. After the passwords are encrypted, start the server by the command:

  8. java -jar server.jar

    You will be asked to enter the password.

After encrypting the passwords, the server can be started only with the command lile. Jetico Server Monitor won't be able to start the server anymore.

The command to decrypt the passwords back:

java -jar crypter.jar decrypt password.enc password.txt