Cluster Mode

Cluster mode means that we set up several application servers and one control unit that distributes the load (load balancer). Cluster mode is used for large number of computers.

Required components:
Component Prerequisites ID used in the instruction
Load balancer Windows or Linux system with Docker installed IP_LOAD_BALANCER
A number of Application Servers (clusters). Windows computers with java
One of the clusters is "main-server",
the others are "ordinary-server".
Ordinary Application Server - IP_APP_SERVER_ORDINARY
MySQL server Windows or Linux computer. It should be configured according to JCM requirements described in JCM documentaion:
  • database 'jcm_global_database'
  • user 'root' with password 'root' and with full rights
Redis cache server Windows or Linux computer with Redis installed IP_REDIS
HornetQ Windows or Linux computer with Docker installed IP_HORNETQ

Administrator may set up these items in various combinations. Because java takes a lot of system resources, it is not recommended to set up MySQL and Redis on Application Servers.

Steps to configure JCM Server to work in cluster mode:
  1. Load Balancer.
  2. HornetQ.
  3. Redis server.
  4. Main Application Server.
  5. Ordinary Application Server
  6. Start all JCM Servers and try to access JCM Console from any computer, using the URL: