Backup of Jetico Central Manager Database

Jetico Central Manager allows to back up the JCM database. There are two types of backup: company backup (snapshot) and full database backup.

Company Backup

This backup can be performed manually or scheduled to happen automatically. The backup includes the following data:

To create a backup or change backup settings for a company, select Backup and restore in the JCM Administration Console. The page will look like the following:

Full Backup

NOTE: To prevent issues such as a circumstance whereby where JCM Server's host computer is no longer operational, it is strongly recommended to regularly make full backups and store them on another computer.

A full backup can be performed manually by JCM or a MySQL administrator.

To make full backup:

  1. Save the following files and subfolders from the directory where JCM Server is installed to a backup location (external drive or other computer is recommended):
  2. Make a backup of MySQL database:
  3. Save the file to a backup location on an external drive or another computer.

To know how to restore JCM server from the backup, see the article Migration of JCM Server

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