Backup of Jetico Central Manager Database

Jetico Central Manager allows to back up the JCM database. There are two types of backup: company backup (snapshot) and full database backup.

Company Backup

This backup can be performed manually or scheduled to happen automatically. The backup includes the following data:

To create a backup or change backup settings for a company, select Backup and restore in the JCM Administration Console. The page will look like the following:

Full Backup

NOTE: To prevent issues such as a circumstance whereby where JCM Server's host computer is no longer operational, it is strongly recommended to regularly make full backups and store them on another computer.

A full backup can be performed manually by JCM or a MySQL administrator.

To make full backup:

  1. Save the following files and subfolders from the directory where JCM Server is installed to a backup location (external drive or other computer is recommended):
  2. Make a backup of MySQL database:
  3. Save the file to a backup location on an external drive or another computer.

To restore from this backup, do as follows:

  1. Conduct a fresh install of JCM Server. The IP address of that machine should be same as that of old server.
  2. Stop JCM Service (or otherwise ensure it does not start)
  3. Copy the files and subfolders from the backup location to the directory where JCM Server is installed:
  4. Restore MySQL database:

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