Rescue Procedures in Jetico Central Manager

The Jetico Central Manager (JCM ) Database stores recovery information for disk volumes (partitions) encrypted on remote client computers with BestCrypt Volume Encryption (or BCVE) software. The JCM administrator has to follow several steps to retrieve the required information:

How to recover a computer that does not boot or repair a fixed volume:

  1. Select the client computer in the list, click Recovery Options on the computer page. The following window appears:

  2. Choose the first option and click Next to get the next window:

  3. Choose the appropriate option:

How to recover encrypted removable USB drive.

  1. Select any client computer in the list and click Recovery Options on the computer's page. The following window will appear:

  2. Choose the second option and click Next to get the next window:

  3. Follow the instruction to get the ID for the corrupted USB drive.

    Note: you can locate the cursor inside the ID field and press Spacebar, the program will display a list of all IDs registered in the database. Choose the appropriate ID.

  4. Choose the option that corresponds to the issue at hand - either the password has been lost or the removable device has been corrupted - and click Next. If a password has been lost, decryption is not required, just use the new password to mount the encrypted removable disk. In the case of a corrupted removable drive, a Rescue File will be created in the same manner as in the case of an aforementioned corrupted fixed volume.

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