Groups of Computers

JCM provides a convenient way for managing groups of computers. The first (default) group is created automatically by the setup program and is assigned the name New computers. This default group cannot be deleted. Newly added computers will appear in this group, unless the JCM Agent Setup file is launched with the special -G parameter.

There is no limit to the number of groups that can be created. However, the maximum number of computers in a single group is 100. Client computers can be distributed among these groups in any way deemed appropriate by the JCM administrator: by physical location, by required security policy, or by any other attribute. Both computer groups and the computers within each group are displayed in alphabetic order.

Encryption policy can be assigned to the whole group or through individual policies. A group policy is assigned on a Group page, while an individual policy is assigned on a Computer page. If an individual policy is assigned to a computer, the computer is marked with 'gear' icon in the list.

If a group is selected in the left list, the Group page is displayed in the right pane. It looks like:

The page is divided into three parts:

  1. General information: this section displays how many computers are not policy-compliant, as well as how many computers have errors and warnings. There is also a 'pencil' icon that allows the group names to be edited.
  2. Group Settings: this section displays controls used to manage BestCrypt Volume Encryption on all of the computers in the group. This includes the encryption policy and the Suspend Protection option (see Central Management of BestCrypt Volume Encryption for more details about the option).
  3. Activity Log: the log combines Activity Logs for all computers included in the group. The log can be filtered to show only errors/warnings.

Moving computers from one group to another

The Move function is available in the Computers and groups table on a company's page:

If a computer is moved from Group1 to Group2, the computer is automatically assigned the encryption policy of Group2. If the computer has already been encrypted and the 'move' operation would cause a change of encryption algorithm, the user will be prompted to decrypt the computer first and then attempt to move the computer again.

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