Company Page

The company page is a part of JCM Console that appears if a company is selected in the left pane (see below).

The company page is the default view once a JCM administrator logs into the program. In order to manage client computers, it is necessary to add these computers to JCM database first.

Adding computers to database

The JCM administrator can add a computer to the database by following these simple steps:

  1. Click Add computer button.
  2. The JCM Agent installer will be downloaded automatically.
  3. Run the downloaded file on a target computer to be encrypted.
  4. After a successful installation of JCM Agent, the computer name should appear in the New computers group.

Embedded encryption policies

JCM Administrator implements data protection on the client computers by assigning an encryption policy. BestCrypt Volume Encryption installed on the client computer applies the encryption policy, assigned by administrator. There is a number of embedded encryption policies; these policies were created automatically and exist just after JCM installation. The picture above shows these policies.

Table 'Computers and groups'

Central part of a company page presents the table Computers and groups. It allows the JCM Administrator to perform many useful functions:

This is an example of simple view of Company page with two computer groups:

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