First Login to JCM Console

As soon as JCM Setup program completes installation, JCM Console can be opened through a web browser. The first time the JCM console is run, an administrator account should be created. To do this, the program will display a Registration form with the following fields:

  • First name - optional field.

  • Last name - optional field.

  • Company name - mandatory field, a company with this name will be created by the program automatically.

  • Email - mandatory field, , this entry will be used as a login name in the Login dialog.

  • Password - mandatory field, this password will be used to access JCM database.

  • Password confirmation - mandatory field, the registration will not proceed if the password and password confirmation fields do not match.

Fill in all the fields and click Create to create your first administrator account. Log in, read the Quick Start Guide and then the JCM Console will appear (see below).

At this stage, JCM has initialized the database by creating the following objects:

The picture above shows the JCM Management Console where JCM administrators can directly manage client computers. The JCM Management Console consists of two main parts:

Use Administration menu command at the top bar of JCM Console to switch to the JCM Administration Console where JCM administrators can perform administrative functions.

Each of the JCM Console pages are described in more detail in subsequent chapters of this manual.

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