New Features

  1. New web-based Jetico Central Management Console with redesigned UI.
    After initial server setup and configuration, the Management Console can be accessed from any device including tower PCs, tablets and smartphones, whether it is Mac, Windows or Android. New UI reflects the status of client endpoints and the progress of applied tasks in real time. New design allows getting info about selected computer, group of computers or even entire companies with just one glance. Redesigned icons outline computers that are policy compliant or have problems reported. .
  2. Support for multiple Companies.
    The new design allows managing multiple companies having separate licensing, software and /or policies from one Console.
  3. Multiple accounts with different level of access.
    Share responsibilities between multiple accounts. Assign pre-defined user roles: Administrator, Operator or Auditor and chose which company to grant access to.
  4. Audit logs.
    Trace back important changes made to the configuration with explicit activity reporting for all accounts or a selected one within a specified period of time. A periodic review of system-generated logs can detect security problems, including attempts to exceed access authority or gain system access during unusual hours.
  5. Enhanced reporting.
    Select a company and generate a report featuring information about active accounts, licenses, managed computers and their current state in just one click. Optionally, an account activity log can be included in this report. HTML and PDF formats are supported.
  6. Client-Server communication over HTTPS.
    Client-Server communication is secured with public key encryption and happens over HTTPS channel.
  7. Encryption policies.
    Combine variety of encryption settings into one Encryption Policy. Create and save encryption policies for easier distribution of custom encryption settings or use a number of pre-configured policies offered by Jetico. Assign policies to computer groups or selected computers.
  8. Different encryption algorithms.
    Select one of the four featured encryption algorithms that complies best with your company standards.
  9. Enhanced logging.
    Browse for the log of selected computer or group of computers to see the full list of changes made or use the filter to view only Warnings or Errors reported. Additionally, it is possible to filter only unread messages that require your attention.
  10. Server clustering
    Need to improve performance or balance a server load? New version of Jetico Central Manager Server supports creating a server cluster with multiple nodes to address these issues.

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