BCWipe on client computers

BCWipe software on client computers provides secure deletion of sensitive information on various types of disk volumes (local partitions, dynamic disk volumes, network disks).

What does secure deletion really mean? Well, when a user deletes files the operating system does not erase the contents of these files from the disk - only the references to these files are removed from file system tables. Sensitive data that you intended to erase remains intact on your hard drive and could easily be restored with a widely available undelete tool.

Wiping is a term used to describe the process of overwriting contents of a file or disk space. When files are properly wiped data is erased beyond recovery.

There are several types of information that should be wiped to avoid data leak:

BCWipe can run wiping tasks for every type of wipe operation. Every wiping task can be run once or configured to run automatically according to some schedule. The picture below illustrates BCWipe Task Manager window with schedule for every wiping task.

BCWipe on client computer

Jetico Central Manager allows an administrator to manage BCWipe software on client computers from a central management console. The idea of management is in the following.

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