Using Jetico Central Manager

This section describes the main steps for using Jetico Central Manager software and provides references to corresponding articles explaining them in greater detail.

The primary purpose of Jetico Central Manager is to provide an administrator of an enterprise network with means to install Jetico client software on remote computers automatically and then control the software from a central management console application (Jetico Central Manager Console).

Articles in section Deployment Client Software Remotely explain how the administrator can deploy Jetico client software on remote computers, which methods of deployment are preferred in a network with Domain Controller, how client computers have to be pre-configured and other issues related to the deployment process.

Articles in section Central Management of Client Software explain how the administrator can manage BCWipe, BestCrypt Container Encryption and BestCrypt Volume Encryption software deployed on remote computers and what information the administrator receives from the computers.

Articles in section Jetico Central Manager Database explain how the administrator can backup and restore the Database, automate updating client and server software, what is meant by Administrator and Supervisor accounts and other management procedures.

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